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Investment Opportunities

Posted by admin_grand on 13 June 2019

Investment in residential property

Grand Real Estate company operates in the field of investments in real estate and offers you dozens of objects from single units of residential real estate to the whole residential projects.

We offer you the following advantages:

– proposing a vide variety of real estate objects;

– selected  real estates in areas with rising costs and value;

– opportunity to buy or rent  the objects of quality and modern construction;

– opportunity to buy or rent modern, comfortable properties with a high level of architectural and engineering solutions;

– opportunity to select an object with the best price – quality ratio.

– high quality real estate before and after the sale service which will allow you without serious consequences become the owner of the property.

We listen to you, hear you and we ask you! What type of investment will answer your expectations?

On behalf of our company, we offer the investment opportunities for the following stages:

1. Investment in the projects in the planning and development stage. At this stage you can become a project participant and/or a share owner, as well as to obtain significant financial benefits. At this stage it is possible to agree on the minimum and maximum size of the share participation in the project, and thus gain the highest possible level of profit.

2. Investment on the project design stage. At this stage the project has already been developed and the necessary documents and construction permits have been  approved and obtained. Types of the construction within the project be they villas, apartments or other had been approved. Buying property at this stage you support the construction company, which in turn, can provide you significant discounts on real estate prices.

3. Investment in project at its construction stage. At this stage you have an opportunity to choose interior design details, such as the color and type of marble, fittings and etc. Of course, despite the fact that the construction can be considered completed at this stage it is possible to obtain appreciable discount too.

4. Investment in the finished real estate objects. By purchasing a quality property in a hospitable climate of Antalya, you definitely do a profitable investment. After a quick procedure of Title Deed handover on behalf of your name you will have the following options: start accommodation, profitable rent out or  profitable re-sell your property. Due to the fact that at this stage all construction work had been completed and the property, as a rule, has already been putted into operation there is no risks related to the construction and buying procedures. In other words you can immediately move to the new home and enjoy Antalya’s Mediterranean carefree lifestyle.

One should note that at each stage of the construction there is a certain profitability, but, of course, the ratio of the profit to risk is highest at the first stages such as investment in projects on the planning, design and construction stages. In this respect the ratio of profit to risks in investment in ready properties refers like minimum risks provides minimum returns.

Grand Real Estate Company is ready to be your reliable partner and work to ensure maximum profitability of your investment at all stages of the investment procedures.

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