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Commercial Estate

Posted by admin_grand on 12 June 2019
Investing in commercial real estate is becoming more and more active in the Turkish real estate market which presents an indicator of stability and profitability of this market segment. This type of real estate will be needed if one needs to open a new office, expand of existing work areas, construction of retail, entertainment center and alike. Choosing the right object for investment you can make a good profit from its rental income or resale.

We are glad to share the following regarding the commercial real estate with you:

1. Investing in commercial real estate on the construction phase: of course buying the right property at the construction stage will always be one of the profitable investments. Along with a low costs, ability to make changes in the course of construction will be your advantages. Buying the property at this stage gives you the choice to resell it without waiting readiness of the construction or renting it immediately after completion of all construction works.

2. Investment in completed commercial real estate: this option will suit you if you are planning long-term or short-term investments, or want to immediately start gain a rental income. Being constantly developing city, commercial real estate in Antalya continuously increasing its commercial attractiveness.

3. Investment in commercial real estate for further lease: becoming the owner of the property which has the rental attractiveness you can immediately start to lease it. Grand Real Estate Company can provide you based on the location of the object forecast study for the annual rate of increase in prices as well as the level of interest rates and the amortization of the property. We will provide all necessary information for your profitable investment.

4. Buying of ready business: such as shop, coffee shop, restaurant or hotel profitable in terms of saving time and money for construction, interior design works, obtaining licenses and the alike. If you trust your experience, planning to take over businesses – we are happy to offer you our services for the preparation of the necessary documents, check the bank debts and deposits.

Should you have any questıons or proposals don’t hesıtate to contact us!

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