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Land Investment

Posted by admin_grand on 12 June 2019

Our company constantly monitors the data on the rapidly growing and developing real estate market, we monitors the data of the lands that will be subject to the new urban planning and for which a building permit will be issued. Having an updated and current information, we are always have attractive investment offers.

There are some reasons to invest in land in Antalya and its region

– Antalya is a rapidly developing city. Every year Antalya becomes a home for more and more number of foreigners who come from all over the world. That’s why in Antalya at the state and private levels constantly develops construction of hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, universities and residential properties. In this regard there is a constant demand for building spaces. All this has a positive impact on the ever-increasing cost of land.

– Usually construction companies which operate in Antalya, sell most of the properties at the stage of its construction, that is why they have no problems with working capital, which positively affects the value of land.

– Land and building plots in terms of price variation are not as flexible as residential real estate. That is why even with the change of moods on the property market, land prices may remain without significant changes. However, as soon as the  area of the land gains the financial attractiveness the investments which have been made into  only the area of the plot to win the appeal as made ​​in land investment can increase many times.

– Unlike other real estate land is not required a care, protection and other similar expenses. Cost of its maintenance is very low. – In addition, you can rent out your land or agree on the construction of flat against the ground or profitable resell it.

Grand Real Estate Company provides wide range of investment opportunities in land and building plots development.

1. Our company is ready to offer you selection of the land for agricultural activities, controlling its documents and obtaining the necessary permits for registration of investment in agriculture, selection of the appropriate land with necessary technical requirements, conducting a soil research and many other issues.

2. Investing in land with capital increase purposes brings an average of 20-25% per annum. In order to make such profitable investment real one should know the surrounding territory, market tendency very well, urban developing plan and with reliable experts. Our company aims to provide to all of our investors as accurate, correct and complete information on upcoming investment as possible that allows the investor to make himself an adequate conclusions about the upcoming investments.

3. If you plan to invest in the building plot it is extremely important for you verify that all permits and licenses have been obtained, zoning data and operating conditions are corresponds to your purposes. Grand Real Estate Company provides before and after selling services, monitors and verifies all related documents.

In order to get more detailed information you are welcome to continue exploring our website or call us.

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