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Posted by admin_grand on 21 November 2018

Grand Real Estate company provides full spectrum of consultancy services and with its high experienced staff  continues to bring innovation to the real estate market. Our company can meet your highest expectations.

Our aim is to bring reputation, reliability and attractiveness to the real estate market so that people will have a desire to choose it for their careers and therefore to provide in our country the service at the highest international level.

Our goal is to provide a quality, reliable and easily accessible services by identifying the needs and expectations of our customers and to create living spaces that will add value to their lives.

We understand that selling a property it is not just proposing a building and its advantages but also fulfill the esthetics needs and provide reliable and enjoyable style of living.

Our company keeps on providing following services such as real estate buying and selling services, consulting, tourist rental system (alternative holiday), projects’ development, investment consulting, investment in luxury housing, real estate appraisal and other. Grand Real Estate company with its years of knowledge and experience of the legal affairs, in national and international markets offers its services in while scope of operations with real estate like selection of all types of real estate objects according to the customers’ needs, before selling consultancy and after sales management, real estate valuation and et cetera.

Our company has found out that there is a lack of daily and weekly rental service so that we developed the biggest flat, apartment and villa rental service. One of our mission is to change the concept of vacation itself. Following it we have created the ‘Vacation Homes’ concept and changed our guests’ attitude to the family vacation by bringing the extra value to the Turkish economy and savings to the families budgets.  By adding this concept to the countless hotel and other accommodation opportunities the alternative vacation solution have been proposed to the big and large families. Unable to meet the increasing demands of high season hotel accommodation fees crowded families may not be able to meet its budget expectations. If you say ‘Yes!’ to the whole family holiday at villa or apartment for the price of one person’s stay at five stars hotel you ought to call us!  We are here to provide you in this paradise country the hotel comfort but economic vacation at the villa or apartment! Please make sure that you got an advantage of the early booking!

How do we work?

Our lawyer provides the control in terms of the local and international commercial law;

Our team of architects and engineers creates and develops projects;

We are aware of the dynamics of world globalization.We have a wide network and we are working with Europe, Scandinavia, Russia Federation, America and Turkish Republic partners;

We are aware of the after sales services importance so we provide them on the very high lever;

We are able to provide the high possible VIP services;

In this globalized world we offer communication, training, and solution-oriented services;

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