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Buying Procedure

Posted by admin_grand on 11 March 2019

Wherever you are planning to buy a property, whether in Antalya or any other town of Turkey, the following information will definitely  be useful to you.

1. Bilingual agreement (contract on your own and Turkish languages)

Contract should include the following:

– The information about the Buyer, the Seller and the Agent company;

– Information about real estate such as its size, construction compliment date, Title Deed information and other;

– Total cost of real estate;

– Schedule of payments;

– Responsibilities of the Sides;

– Special conditions and penalty clause for breach of the contract;

– Items with additional conditions (if necessary);

At the Land Registry office you will probably need the following documents:

For the Seller                                                   For the Buyer

1 document photo                                           2 document photos

Original and copy of identity card                      Original and copy of identity card

Personal identification number (Turkish residences)

The copy of the Title Deed

Property cost report issued by the Municipality

Property valuating repost

A copy of the earthquake insurance (this is a public-insurance compulsory for all regions of Turkey)

Having all above mentioned documents, you can apply to the Directorate of Land Registry to start registration procedure of sale.

During the document application to the Land Registry office you must pay attention to the following:

• Application to the Land Registry you have to do in person or conduct the same procedure by giving the power of attorney on your behalf;

• Since the application for registration will only accept original passport or identity card, the original of one of these documents must be available;

• If the buyer does not know how to read or write, or do not know  Turkish language, the application must be filed with the presence of two witnesses and state accredited translator;

• To carry out operations in the Land Registry by Power of Attorney, make sure that the power of attorney properly executed in the notary;

• Be sure you have read the documents before signing them. If you do not understand any of the paragraphs of the document, ask employees to explain their meanings to you;

• If the buyer or seller is a legal person, the procedures for the implementation of sales needed at registration of legal entity from the Register of enterprises and individuals to obtain documentary basis of authority for the buyer / seller in the company for the last fiscal year, as well as to obtain a document certifying this specimen signature of the authorized person. If an individual will be entrusted to present the interest of the legal person, then the trustee should be appropriately composed in the power of attorney, and the original identification documents and two photographs must be presented.

• If you above purchased office or commercial property located a Residential property, than to proceed with Title Deed handover the mandatory earthquake insurance DASK must be made. This kind of insurance is set by the rules and regulations of Turkish Republic Government and is obligatory applied in all region of Turkey without the exceptions .

Of course, if you are planning to use mortgage in order to buy the property you will need to issue compulsory earthquake insurance (DASK) too.

After filling in all applications and documents and after they have been checked and prepared for signature the message stating amount you have to pay as Land Registry fee will be sent to your phone.

As soon as you have paid all fees you will have to come back to the Land Registry and sigh the Title Deed handover documents.

Specified amount of Cadastral fee you can pay at any of the following banks: Halkbank, Vakıfbank and Ziraat Bank, then you need at the specified in the message time to be at the Cadastral Office having the payment receipt and passport with you.

Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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