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Guaranteed Rent

Posted by admin_grand on 12 June 2019

Our unique administration models enable you to earn an income while enjoying the privileges that Grand Real Estate has to offer hence presenting you with a one of a kind renting system.


Our first model was presented as a unique income model to property owners who have a chance to obtain the privilege of the Usufructuary Lease Model.

With the Usufructuary Lease Model, property owners can recover their investments in a short period of up to 9 years. In this administration model, the owners of the property become business partners of Grand Real Estate Managing Company.

The owner will have to specify the periods when they will not be staying at their estates in order for the administration of Grand Real Estate to rents out their villas on their behalf to its customers using the logic of the Boutique Hotel renting. 50% of the obtained income will be given to the owner of the property, whereas the remaining 50% will be used by the administration of Grand Real Estate for marketing and administration expenses. With this administration model, the owner will be able to gain income while enjoying the privileges of being a resident of Turkey.


The second administration models presented to the owner is the Guaranteed Renting Model.

This administration model is designed for owners who do not like taking risks.

In order to get a guaranteed rent, the property owners will give their households under the administration of Grand Real Estate for 12 months under the condition that they will be able to use their property for a week in summer and in winter time.

This guaranteed rent is given to the property owners annually at the end of the season and the contract can be renewed, if the owner wishes.

Since this model does not bear any risks, the profit the property owner gets will surely be less than the income gained in the other model.

In order to get information about the incomes our guaranteed renting model proposes please contact our Sales Offices.

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